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Custom Western & Ranch Metal Signs & Art!

Personalized Metal Signs and Gates from Texas

Click on the links above to see some samples of my work, STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART OF TEXAS . I would love to make a design especially for you. Anything you see can be made for Inside, Outside, into a Hatrack, Yard sign, Ranch Sign, Western Art Wall Hanging,
Ranch Entrance Sign,
Ranch Gate, Inside Business Sign or Business Entrance Sign, whatever you like!

We use 3/16" or 10 Ga. steel plate (not that flimsy stuff) and give you lots of detail and use realistic looking figures (not cartoon characters). All work is hand drawn and hand cut. Call or E-Mail us and we will custom make what you want.

Also, check out our new Ranch Gates section! We are building durable Ranch, Farm or Business Entrance Gates that are combined with the Metal Art of your choice. Click the Ranch Gates link to see some recent examples of Ranch, Farm or Business Entrance Gates. 

We can make whatever you want, give us a call!

Randy Patterson
816 Old Pidcoke Road
Gatesville, Texas 76528

(254)216-0425 or (254)865-0484

Click Here to read some of our Customer Testimonials! 

For More Information Email Me at

call (254)216-0425 or (254)865-0484




How To Order

Ordering from us is very simple! Just send an E-Mail message stating what you wish, the size and what you want the sign to say. We'll respond promptly with an estimate

Typical prices for our signs are:

4 foot signs $195.00 plus S&H
5 foot signs $260.00 plus S&H
6 foot signs $330.00
plus S&H

This is just a sample and the actual estimate will be determined by the number of letters and the intricacies of the design itself.

Click Here to read some of our Customer Testimonials! 

For More Information Email Me at

or call (254)216-0425 or (254)865-0484



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